• Matcha Waffles


    It’s Brunch Time… Happy Saturday!! You guys the struggle is real with this routine thing. I feel like my brain is still on holiday mode. I’ve been getting organized but I’m still having a hard time getting my ass back into the hustle. Maybe this is a good thing to some point. I was a […]

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  • Tangerine Sparkle


    Tangerine Sparkle… The countdown to NYE has begun! It’s hard to believe that 2016 is coming to an end. I have to say this year went by very fast. Overall this was a very good year for me, my friends, family, and business. I’m really excited for the new year and all the exciting things […]

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  • Holiday Gift Guide: Local NJ


    Holiday Gift Guide! Shop Small NJ… It’s time to share this gift guide! There’s only a week left until Christmas! Can you guys believe it??? It’s so crazy…this month has flown by so so fast and it’s my favorite month too. I’m trying to savor it as much as possible. The holidays are just such […]

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  • Melon Mint Spritz


    Melon Melon… Oh hello Friday!! I’ve been waiting all week long. This week has been so super busy!! December is always a busy month but even more so this year. I have added more work to my plate (I’m nuts, yes I know) but I love staying busy. Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop apparently […]

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  • Chocolate Chip Cookies


    Cookies… Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a really nice and relaxing weekend. I really needed to relax after the crazy with the new site. The work that goes into re-branding is insane. I really can’t thank you all enough for the incredible amount of support. So to keep the sweetness flowing, I […]

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  • Weekend Notes, Vol. 1


      Hey Weekend… Wow guys I can’t thank you enough for all the support and positive feedback I have received about the new site!! I was so nervous and excited about making the change. I am so happy I did and at the start of my favorite month too. December has always been my favorite […]

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  • Cinnamon Orange Fizz


    Cinna-licious… The holiday is coming guys. The Feast or in other words Thanksgiving. This is a really great holiday to be with friends and family and really be thankful for all the wonderful things in our lives. It is also a great holiday to EAT. Like serious amounts of delicious, comforting food. During this holiday […]