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I am so excited to be doing my first collaboration and to be doing it with an amazing company like Ellovi!

Ellovi products contain all natural ingredients…only SIX to be exact! Ellovi Butter is a raw body butter made from pure ingredients grown naturally around the world. You could probably eat this stuff lol. What’s really special about Butter is that they do not add water to the product. That means it’s highly concentrated, can’t evaporate like other moisturizers, and doesn’t need preservatives. AMAZING!! I got a sample of the Butter in my Birchbox and was in love as soon as I used it. It is not like typical body butters that are super greasy and don’t absorb into your skin. This stuff is light but super moisturizing and not greasy at all. I HATE when I put lotion on my hands and then leave greasy fingerprints all over everything like my laptop, phone, remote to name a few. 🙁 So annoying. They recently added a new product the Lip Butter….I tried out the regular and tinted lip butter and OMG! It is seriously like putting butter on your lips. I won’t be buying any other lip balm again after trying this. It went on so silky smooth and my lips were moisturized all day. These products are all natural with out any crap like artificial fragrance or parabens that many other products have and all Ellovi products are NEVER tested on animals. It is a dream product and an even dreamier company with an amazing founder/creator like Kelly Winterhalter.


I am so excited to be doing a giveaway of the lip butter to one lucky winner! The winner will receive a 3 pack of lip butter (tinted, vanilla, & regular butter). You will never go back to plain lip balm again! Go to my Instagram (@ilonashabovta) for rules and how to enter 🙂

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“We believe you should feed your skin the most pure and nutritional ingredients on the planet. That’s why we created Ellovi.” -Founder of Ellovi


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Ellovi lip butter & body butter


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