Ok so we are a week into the new year and it’s time to get a real start on those new year resolutions! Whether it’s to lose weight, get in better shape, save some money for a trip/rainy day, try a new workout, or go to a new restaurant, you need to take action and make things happen! I too have made my resolutions to get in better shape and save some money. I have some good tips on how to get the ball rolling!

  • Money Saving Challenge -This is a super easy way to save some money for the year. You put in a dollar for every week of the new year (week 1= $1, week 2=$2, and so on) and by the end of the 52 week you have saved $1,378 without even realizing it! I am doing this with my hubby so we will have saved $2,756 by this time next year 🙂
  • Get in Shape! -Dr. Oz has a great 2 week weight loss jump-start. This is a great way to start you new year diet plans. This plan is easy to follow and will get you results. I am doing it too!
  • New Workout –Shape Magazine has compiled a list of the top 15 next big fitness trends. I think I am going to try out a Barre + Cardio Fusion Class!
  • Another big fitness trend for 2015 will be high-intensity interval training thanks to Self Magazine
  • Restaurants! Ok so this is my favorite resolution…I love trying new places already but there are a few that have been on my list for a while. I know not all of you are in the NJ/NYC but if you are there are  some fabulous places you have to check out! Refinery29 has put together a great list of top 12 new NYC restaurants. I am running to Dirty French this month for sure! Also haven’t gone to Prune yet but it’s on the list. I’m thinking brunch, my favorite meal time 😉 They have a separate bloody mary menu…I can’t wait!


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