Studio 450, Part 2

Day 2 at Studio 450 was even more incredible that yesterdays if that is even possible. There were two womenswear designers Nina Athanasiou and BERENIK by Veronika Brusa. I have seen Nina in the past and every year her designs are amazing. Her clothes have a very edgy, cool vibe. She is a designer to watch for sure. This was also my first time seeing BERENIK and let me tell you how gorgeous her coats/jackets were! They had a flattering shape and all the fabrics were all beautiful. I want the cream coat 😉 #needit

nina comp-1 nina comp-8 nina comp-7 nina comp-6 nina comp-5 nina comp-4 nina comp-3 nina comp-2Berenik Catwalk-1 Berenik Catwalk-6 Berenik Catwalk-5 Berenik Catwalk-4 Berenik Catwalk-3 Berenik Catwalk-2

Photos by Bora Images



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