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We all have our go-to products that we use on a daily basis but once in a while it’s nice to mix up the routine and try out some new ones. Tell me what some of your favorites are! You never know when you might find something that works even better than what you are already using. I love trying out new products, there are so many out there! With that I decided I would share some of mine because chances are they will be different from what you are using. I also change up my routine as the seasons change and man am I ready for a change in season! #goawaywinter

With the cold weather our clothes (especially the silky materials) tend to stick to us thanks to a wonderful thing called static. Static Guard will be your new best friend. It comes in this travel size bottle that fits in your purse and no one will know. It gets rid of the static immediately. It has saved me countless times when my dress was stuck to my ass 🙁

This little deodorant looking block is amazing. It helps keep the blisters from forming on your feet, heels, and backs of ankles. I use it every time I wear heels and I don’t get blisters anymore 🙂

I have used Aveeno products for a long time. It’s just a great go-to product for skincare. It’s in-expensive and all natural, so it’s really great for those of us with sensitive skin (like me!) Anytime I have had a breakout or a reaction from a new product, I always grab this cleanser. It does the trick every time and clears up my skin in a couple days. It also comes in a cream cleanser if you don’t like the foam.

I received a sample of Tocca Hand cream in my Birchbox and I am now obsessed with this line. The cream is so nice and light but still moisturizing. It has a great smell but not crazy strong like some other hand creams. The line also carries perfumes and candles. I’ll be getting some of those soon 😉

Lancome has always been an incredible skincare/makeup line. You have probably tried something from this line at one point. The products are just GOOD. The cream is a bit pricey but worth it. I use it every night 🙂

Ever been to Bath & Body Works and try out the lip glosses there? The C.O. Bigelow lip shines are so great. They have a ton of minty flavors. It gives your lips a nice shiny gloss and makes your breath smell better too 😉 I always stock up on these when they are on sale, which they are now buy 2, get 1 free!

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Static Guard (available at most drugstores too) || Band-Aid Friction Block|| Aveeno Face Wash || Lancome Moisturizer (you can get a sample of this at most department stores)|| Tocca Hand Cream || C.O. Bigelow Lip Shine


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