The Weekender

2015-09-27 09.56.08

Isn’t crazy when there is a “short” week it feels longer than ever?? It was so nice to have the long weekend and not have to do much work on Monday but holy sh*t did Tuesday come in like a bat out of hell. 🙁 It was a manic day followed by a more manic week. It wasn’t just me either…all my friends said the same. Needless to say, I am ready for the weekend. I can’t wait to go apple picking on Sunday with the BFFs, it is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend! Saturday I am styling for Olvi’s Lace Collection that will be showing at Petite Parade. This is kids’ fashion week and the cutest runway show you will ever see. Follow me on snapchat (ilona-shabovta) to see all the behind the scenes and the shows! It’s going to be ridiculously adorable. 🙂


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