Black Friday Sales


I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day!! I enjoyed it to the fullest. I had so much food and wine, I need to not eat for 2 days while my meal is still digesting hahaha!! Seriously I can’t even remember how many times I re-filled my plate. I went into a turkey comma shortly after dessert and several glasses of wine. Seriously though, it is a great holiday and it’s so nice to be with friends and family and be thankful for all the wonderful things we do have in our lives. Now that it’s over I hope that warm and fuzzy feeling carries you through all season long, even when you go out shopping and battle the crowds. Also, if you decide that staying in your pjs all day sounds perfect (it does to me) you can shop at all of the places I listed below online, not leave your house and deal with rude people. A few tips for Black Friday shopping-1. Make a list! It’s sooo easy to get distracted/side-tracked from the items you actually plan on getting when you see so many signs and flashing lights, 2. Have breakfast before you head out! Your fridge will be loaded with leftovers and it’s important to not be hungry while you are out. You need your energy and no sense in spending money on bad mall food, 3. Stay hydrated! 4. Wear comfortable shoes! You are going to be walking or running around a lot so don’t let your feet suffer, and 5. Have cash! This makes it so much easier to get in and out. Also less chance of your cards getting hacked. It happens so much on this day, last thing you want is all your funds being frozen with no way to get them and thus your shopping will be halted. I hope you all score some super sweet deals! Check out all the links I have added to some great sales, and if you are shopping from your couch, stay in your pjs! You deserve it 🙂 Happy Weekend!!


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