The Weekender


So Turkey Day has come and gone and you have spent your entire Friday shopping away. Now it’s time to relax and go through the riches of your spoils. The dishes are all done, your fridge is stocked with leftovers for days, most of the guests are gone by now, and you can finally breathe. If you hosted Thanksgiving this year, you know who stressful it can be. It’s a wonderful holiday and it’s very nice to have all the people you care about together but it’s a big relief when it’s over. I didn’t host it this year like I had originally planned, which was kinda nice but I still did quite a bit of baking. All I was responsible for was making my famous cookies (recipe here) and an apple pie (recipe here). I did all of my shopping yesterday (from my couch, in my pjs, with a glass of vino) and now I am going through my list, getting organized, and pulling out all my holiday decorations (Christmas is in 28 days!!),now the fun really starts! Check out all the fun links below for some good laughs, organizing tips, and good fashion tips.

*Check this post for my outfit details


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