Ozeri Green Pan

You guys know what a difference a good pan makes when you are cooking anything. Let me tell you how amazing this pan is right now. I tested this out in the morning cooking eggs and didn’t use any sort of grease for the pan. The eggs cooked beautifully and didn’t stick to the pan at all. I also sautéed some broccoli and it cooked it so well. I am super excited about adding this pan to my ever growing collection. Another great thing about this pan is that it is eco-friendly. It features GREBLON technology which is PTFE and PFOA free ceramic non-stick coating made in Germany. It heats very evenly and cleans up really easily. I actually cleaned it by hand instead of putting it in my dishwasher because it literally took me 2 mins to clean it. This pan also makes a great gift for all those people that love to cook or are in need of a great new pan!

Photos By Bora Images

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