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Holy Crap today is February 1st!! The month of January literally flew by so fast! I have been doing a lot of self-help this past month just to get myself back on track with several things, like eating healthy again, doing a Dry January, saving some money, getting organized, and getting back to exercising on a regular basis (if you have been following me on snapchat you know what I’m talking about, and if not, follow me!) I am glad it’s a new month. It’s a good way to reset yourself on those resolutions you made, because sometimes, it’s really hard to stick to something new. It’s ok, forgive yourself, commit, and keep going. You will be happy you did it! I know I am…exercising every day for a solid 30 days has been really hard but so rewarding. Dry January want’t as bad as I thought it would be, in the beginning. I started to really miss my glass of vino on the weekends by week 3 but I kept strong (so did hubby) and I’m glad I did. It turned out to be a great detox for the liver, whole body in general, and we saved over $500! That’s pretty satisfying to me 😉

So as it is a new month I want to let you in on some fun things that are going to be happening! I will be doing a great giveaway, Valentine’s Day is coming up for all of you lovers, general shenanigans, exploring new restaurants, sharing lots of great recipes, and my most favorite, FASHION WEEK is coming up!!! So definitely follow me on snapchat (ilona-shabovta) and Instagram! (@ilonashabovta)

Check out all the links below to keep 2016 going strong and for some helpful tips for a little of everything 🙂


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