The Weekender


It’s the weekend! I am so happy to have a “calm-before-the-storm” weekend because next weekend starts Fashion Week and it is going to be crazyyyy! I love this time of the year but it does get hectic but more on that to come soon! This Sunday is the Super Bowl! For all of you fans out there I hope your team wins. I am not a huge fan of football but I love the gathering that it brings. All the snacks, booze, hilarious commercials, laughs with friends, and the half-time show. It can be reallllly hard to stay on track with eating healthy when it comes to events like this. A few things to remember before you go to your party, eat a healthy meal before you go, drink slow, and don’t fill your plate with lots of snacks. Use a small plate or a napkin to grab a few things to munch on a time. By eating slower, you will get full over a longer period of time and less likely to get overly stuffed. Also try to eat more of the healthy snacks that are rich in fiber, they will also fill you up. I added a few links to recipes for some healthier snacks to bring to your party tomorrow. Have fun!

*Items from my Birchbox—> Ciate Nail Polish, Foreo Cleanser, Harvey Prince Perfume, Eyes Fat Liquid Eyeliner, and Amika Blowout Spray.


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