The Weekender, Valentine’s Day ♥


Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend everyone!! I hope you have some sweet things planned for the weekend and if not, that’s ok to just Netflix and Chill 😉 I am not a big VDay person myself, nor is hubby man. I think you should treat everyday like it’s valentine’s and say how you feel about your S.O. and make everyday a little more special. With that said, I do think it can be very sweet to get something a little extra special on that day. I know I won’t object to flowers and sweets lol. I actually made a love themed brunch this morning and it put a huge smile on hubby’s face. I did feel good, I won’t lie, and it was delicious! It’s super, super easy to make. I used ezekiel toast to keep it healthy and then used an assortment of things I had in the fridge. Literally can put whatever you want on them and it will definitely be a nice surprise for all you loved ones, including the kiddos!


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