Cooking Essentials


Oh man do I have something to share with you guys!! You all know how much I love to cook and well eat too, so when it comes to having the right tools it is super important. A good pan is always needed in the kitchen and I am always searching for a new one. They wear out eventually and it’s hard to pick a new pan when there are so many out there. Well I got to try out this one from Waxonware and let me tell you, it is AWESOME. When I’m getting a new pan, I look for several things like non-stick properties, oven safe/dishwasher safe, how well it cooks, what is is made from, and of course the clean up. Waxonware is a fairly new company but they are out to change the game when it comes to cookware. This specific pan is made from a different type of material then your traditional teflon non-stick pans and it is eco-friendly, which I love. It is made from a technology called STONETEC, which is a new granite and ceramic coating made from natural earth materials. They are the top leader in granite coating fry pans and when they created it they made sure that it didn’t contain any lead, cadmium, and is free of PFOAs. Finding a pan that cooks amazingly and is eco-friendly is a very tough thing to do but you don’t have to search anymore. Seriously this pan is now one of my favorites in my always-growing-collection of cookware. I loved how easy the clean up was too. You know when you cook ground meat in a pan you sometimes get that crusted layer on there from the fat getting cooked and how much of a b*tch it can be to clean? Well I didn’t even have to scrub or soak it for even a minute. It came right off with the spatula and I cleaned it in a matter of seconds. It is a great size and it is a deep fry pan which is really nice for dishes that have more sauce in them or when adding pasta for a one pan meal. More on that later 😉  It is also super lightweight which is great when you are transferring the pan (full of food) to the oven from the stovetop. Oh I did mention it is stovetop and oven safe right? Well it is, and dishwasher safe too! 🙂 They also give you a 3 year warranty on it as well. The price point is fantastic and you can get it here on So I would get this pan now and try it out! I promise you won’t regret it 🙂







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