Francesca’s Gourmet Foods


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of checking out Francesca’s Gourmet Foods. This is a brand new store that opened up in December in River Edge, NJ. This is great shop and spot to have a delicious homemade lunch or to pick up dinner on the way home. The food is soooo good let me tell you! Everything is made fresh daily and they have plenty of healthy options along with all the traditional Italian dishes we all know and love. I love how bright and airy this place is, which makes for excellent #foodporn photos 🙂  They also carry a bunch of items that you can buy there like truffle honey, special olive oils, pastas, soups, and other hard to find Italian specialties. The food there really is delicious. I would definetly recommend stopping in for lunch at least! I got to try so many things while I was there, I thought they were going to have to roll me out 🙂 The cauliflower gratin was to die for and the beef short ribs were falling apart as I picked at it with a plastic fork. It was so tender and perfectly seasoned. I also tried the lobster bisque which was so good. You know how some bisques can be crazy heavy and loaded with cream? Well this one wasn’t at all. It was nice and light but didn’t lack in any flavor. Also get a rice ball when you go. It’s stuffed with beef and covered in homemade marinara sauce which is also super yummy. I also had an eggplant rollatini stuffed with goat cheese which was ahh-mazing. I like that it wasn’t heavily battered but it was still really light and crispy. All of the food was wonderfully cooked, and there really are tons of healthy options. Happy Dance! Oh and when you do visit this place, make sure you take home a container of the healthy tuna salad before you leave. It is great for lunch on toast or with crackers. Let me know what you all think of Francesca’s when you visit and tell them I sent you!

P.S. They also make their own mozzarella! #yum













Photos by Bora Images


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