Italian on a Budget–> Now That’s Amore!

I am so excited to share this with you guys! I went to Jerry’s Homemade last week and had a great visit. If it wasn’t for the clock ticking and telling me it was time to go to work I would have stayed there longer and tried more of the delicious food. This place has been around for a long time and somehow I hadn’t heard about it! #crazzzzyyy It is a family owned business, which is always the best. When things become to corporate you tend to loose in quality. From the outside this looks a typical store but when you go inside is when your eyes will light up. This is a huge shop!! They have so many varieties of Italian delicacies to purchase, WINE, homemade items, and the best part of it all?? The price points!! They have all the traditional Italian items (truffle butter, cheeses, oils, pasta to name a few) and all the hard to find ones too. Most shops I have been to have a good amount of the same things that Jerry’s has but they are double the price! That is insane! They are seriously competitive in the price game. I spend a fortune on cheese alone most weeks and the same cheese (truffle gouda gets me every time) is half the cost here. I was shocked to say the least. They also make fresh burrata there and truffle burrata! I had no idea this even existed. I will be making something with that very soon I promise 😉 They also do deals every week like “Buy one, get one” on food!! I almost died haha. They have all the Italian brand chocolates (Baci, yum!) and they were on sale! It was very hard to maintain my self-control. It was like being dropped in food heaven. Budget friendly food heaven. This is a place where foodie dreams come true 🙂 Seriously you guys have to come here. You will get so many amazing and delicious things for a very wallet friendly price. They make so many things homemade in the store including the pasta sauce, which is the BOMB! It is the best sauce I have ever had, no joke. I like to make my own sauce but sometimes there isn’t time and its easier to get a good jar of the stuff. Most of the sauces that are really good and do not have tons of crap in them are very expensive. Jerry’s makes all the sauce right there on location (I got to go in the back to check out the kitchen and sauce vats!) without any preservatives or adding anything not natural in there. The jars are beyond airtight sealed to keep them fresh because they do not put any preservatives in them. There is actually a sign next to the sauce that says to ask for help to open the jar because they are so tightly sealed haha. Naturally I was determined to open it myself when I got home…that damn ego. 😉 I was able to do it myself with a little muscle power though. The sauce is seriously so good. I am going back this week to stock up on sauce and burrata. There is a pizza recipe coming if you couldn’t tell. This is also a great spot to stop in and grab some lunch or dinner on your way home. They have a large selection of fresh food made daily there. I tried out so many things and they were all so good. I loved the avocado salad…big surprise there. Also before you leave, go to the bakery section and get a lobster tail. It was the best one I have had and hubby concurs. We were fighting over the last one. Not a joke…we take pastries very seriously around here. Oh and do NOT forget to go to the wine section and pick up a nice bottle of vino. They have one of the largest selections of premium Italian wines in Bergen County, NJ.

P.S. They have samples of things to try all over the store! Andddd they make gift baskets too! You could spend all day in here 🙂 I almost did!






*Here with Genna, one of Jerry’s daughters! She showed me all around the store 🙂


Photos by Bora Images


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