The Weekender, March On!

2016-02-13 14.21.40

So we are now in the month of March! Wow, seriously though the first few months of this year really are flying by. I am not really complaining right now, because that means spring is coming soon, and I for one, am officially ready for it! It has been insane around here weather wise. It was 60 degrees on Monday and today well, it SNOWED. Ugghhh. It wasn’t a lot of it, but it still happened and the temp dropped to 28 🙁 I am over it at this point. I love the winter but I hate this fluctuating weather. Just make up your mind already mother nature, geez! It is supposed to be in the 60s and 70s next week so I’m hoping it will stay. That means we can finally get outside! We have all been cooped up and now it’s time to break free lol. I can’t wait to have brunch outside, and spend the days enjoying the sunshine again. My skin is desperately needing some vitamin D, anyone else feeling the same way? #whiteAF  There are so many great things happening this month in our area, so check out all the links below to start taking advantage of the warmer weather that is going to come (I swear it better!) and some other fun links as always to keep you busy this weekend. Don’t forget St. Patrick’s Day is on March 15! There will be tons of parades, bar crawls, and green beer!


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