The Weekender, Fall



Happy First Weekend of Fall!!

So it actually feels like fall this weekend. I will admit I really love this season. The weather starts to shift and it’s time to wear jeans and long sleeves. This season brings all the feels you guys. Apple cider and pumpkin spice everything begins to invade my house and I couldn’t be happier. It’s such a cozy, comforting feeling that comes with the change. You finally start to add some layers and make soups and everything just feels comfy and at ease. This is such a welcome change from the summer. It was hot, busy, but very fun. With the beginning of fall it brings a slow down which everyone needs after a busy fun summer, regardless if you traveled a ton or not. I know I try to pack in as many activities as possible during the summer since it does fly by so fast.

So everyone enjoy the first weekend of fall and the shift in the weather with a pumpkin spice latte if you haven’t had one yet. Another thing I love is that there are so many amazing things to do in the fall. Check out the list below to get a jumpstart on all the goodness fall has to offer. I personally cannot wait to go apple picking and make pie. #nomnom 🙂 🙂 🙂

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