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Holiday Gift Guide! Shop Small NJ…

It’s time to share this gift guide! There’s only a week left until Christmas! Can you guys believe it??? It’s so crazy…this month has flown by so so fast and it’s my favorite month too. I’m trying to savor it as much as possible. The holidays are just such a lovely time of the year. I feel like a kid again and just can’t wait to celebrate with family and friends. For those that know me, they know I turn into Elf basically, like from the movie. Smiling is my favorite and yes, I do know Santa. 😉 I also just celebrated a big birthday. I hope you read the post and all the things I’ve learned and hope it will help any of you that are about to turn the big 3-0 too. So far I’m doing ok lol 🙂 

There is still plenty of time to shop before the holiday and this gift guide is perfect for anyone! I mean who doesn’t love coffee and candles? 🙂

Coffee & Candles…

Anyway back to the gift guide! I decided I wanted to shop small this season and support all the great local business in the area. Every company started out small at some point and they had people that believed in them and helped them grow. The small companies are the backbone of this country and basically the American dream. Plus you can’t beat the quality. The companies pour their heart and soul into their work and it really shows. There are so many amazing local companies in NJ and NYC that it was hard to choose which ones to get. I’m so excited to share Booskerdoo Coffee and Energii Candle Co. with you all. A perfect cup of coffee in the morning just can’t be compromised and this coffee is just so amazing. They roast all the coffee fresh to order and it’s all organic. Read about their story and how they started here. It’s truly wonderful how far they have come along. I wouldn’t lie about coffee guys (it’s too vital lol) and Booskerdoo is truly delicious.

Now for my favorite candles ever. Energii Candle Co.! They all smell so wonderful but the best thing about them is there are no chemicals at all. The candles are all soy wax, in recycled glass jars, scented with essential oils, and with cotton wicks. This means you won’t breathe in any chemicals like some of the other brands. I actually had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Kim, and hearing her story about why she started this company. You can read all about it in this post I did in October. Plus you can get 15% off your order w/code: ilona15. 

* Both companies are local in New Jersey and ship all over, so even if you aren’t from the area you can still support local. #shopsmall

Shop here—>Booskerdoo Coffee and Energii Candle Co.




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  1. I love coffee and candles! You have the best flat lay skills on the planet!!

  2. Candles and coffee are LIFE!! Thanks for sharing this post girly! I am happy to say my list is about 99% complete!! xo, Roselyn

  3. Candles are my favorite thing! Great idea

  4. Omg this flat lay… I love it! You can never go wrong with a gift like this – local gifts add such a thoughtful touch!
    xo Kara

  5. Thank you for sharing this! I love the fact that you are supporting #shopsmall. Just a great cause! I am not a coffee drinker but I know must coffee shops have an excellent hot coco option!
    xo Debbie |

  6. those candles look amazing!! Wouldn’t it be a perfect morning to enjoy a amazing cup of coffee in a room smelling of chai latte!! Love it!

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