Weekend Notes, Vol. 3

Oh Weather…

TGIF people!! This weather is literally killing me. I can’t shake this nonsense cold away and it’s really annoying. It’s 60 degrees one day and the next it’s a snow storm and then it’s 45 degrees and after that it’s freezing rain. #wtf

I’m really struggling with this weather these past two weeks. NYFW started last Thursday and so did the blizzard. I wasn’t able to attend a few of my morning shows because of it, ugh! Now don’t get me wrong, I love the snow and winter. What I don’t like is when the weather is going from one extreme to the next every other day.  NYFW was so fun but the crazy weather really made it hard to get dressed up and get around the city. I will have my fashion week recap up next week don’t worry! 

So speaking of the weather again, (I know, I’m sorry but it’s really nuts here), it will be in the 60s this weekend! It’s like a spring teaser honestly but I don’t mind since it means I can be outside along with all the other New Yorkers that have been trapped at home. 🙂  I’ve added a bunch of great links for you guys below to check out! Tons of new things like products to try out, snacks, and other fun things to do. Have a great weekend everyone!


  • I’m always on the hunt for new healthy snacks! These fruit strips and bars from Pure Organic are seriously soooooo good!!! I love all the flavors and the fruit strips are really good too.
  • Have you guys checked out Glossy Box?? It’s such a great beauty box subscription!! They have so many great top of the line products. Plus how fun is it to get a little treat in the mail every month? I love this month’s box as it’s all curated towards love. You can also choice which subscription you want if you don’t want to have it for the whole year too. Get your box here!
  • Looking for a new book to start reading? Check out this list!
  • There’s a dessert festival in Brooklyn the weekend of March 25! Get tickets here 🙂
  • If you are needing a little getaway with your significant other but are on a budget, check out this list
  • There are also a ton of great indoor activities you can do in NYC when the weather isn’t cooperating.
  • Want to make a healthy and vegetarian tomato soup? Recipe here 🙂
  • Amy Poehler has a new movie coming out and it looks hilarious. Watch the trailer here for a good laugh!
  • Have you ever been curious if you are more Type A or Type B personality? Take this fun little quiz
  • Check out these awesome Airbnb rentals for a little getaway.
  • Summer is coming (eventually) and I know you want to get your booty in shape! I’m going to try this workout.
  • If you have trouble sleeping at night then check out this post for some help on getting a good night sleep.



3 Replies to “Weekend Notes, Vol. 3”

  1. Aw girl I am sorry to hear that you have been sick and missed out on a few shows during NYFW:( I know I have that same problem with the drastic change of weather and I get sick easily! Hope you feel better girl and love your ideas on this blog post❤️

  2. Those fruit strips totally saved me during NYFW! They are so delicious and nutritious! And the weather has been hard for me too. I totally think it is why I have a cold. Sad face.
    xo Jessica

  3. Such a mess of weather these past two weeks! Hopefully the warmer weather will hold out and we can move from the icky winter into spring!! See ya soon girl!

    xoxo, Kristen

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