Bourbon Spiced Cider


  Bourbon Spiced Cider… Yes, you did read that correctly. Hot cider is perfect for chilly nights and what better ingredient to add to it then some bourbon. I am not a big bourbon/scotch/whiskey drinker but I do like it mixed into some drinks. It’s the perfect addition to a delicious cup of hot apple […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Local NJ


Holiday Gift Guide! Shop Small NJ… It’s time to share this gift guide! There’s only a week left until Christmas! Can you guys believe it??? It’s so crazy…this month has flown by so so fast and it’s my favorite month too. I’m trying to savor it as much as possible. The holidays are just such […]

The Weekender

Woohoo it’s the weekend! I have been going hardcore all week and am not stopping. I’m actually traveling right now (again) to Cleveland for my parents 30th anniversary. Crazy they have been married that long lol. I have to say the first full week of this new year has been very good. I have stayed […]

The Weekender

Holy Crap how is it December 11 already?!? Ahhh the holiday season is here and so much to do still! I feel like the days are flying by so fast and I don’t have any time to get things done or do all the fun things I want before the season ends. Not to mention […]